The String Theory electric upright bass has been designed from the ground up, resulting in a natural acoustic tone, wide tonal palette, comfortable playability, and portability.  The upright bass tone is created through the combination of construction, pickups, and electronics.

The first component in the String Theory sound is the hollow body construction, creating a resonant chamber.  The holes in the back plate allow the air to vibrate in and out of the chamber, further opening up the sound.

Embedded in the back of the soundboard are 2 large piezo pickups.  We designed these pickups and build them in-house.  One pickup is under the bridge, and the other is slightly behind the bridge towards the tailpiece.  Because the pickups are inside the sound chamber, the vibrations from the strings have to travel through the top wood to reach the pickups.  This gives the sound a very “woody” tone.  The pickups are also larger than any standard upright bass pickup, allowing them to sense more area, resulting in a sensitive and detailed pickup.

The 2 piezo pickups are independently amplified by a high-impedance buffer circuit, and then actively mixed together before moving to the 2-band equalizer.  Volume, pickup blend, treble, and bass controls provide a wide range of tonal adjustments to suit any player.

We designed the onboard electronics to perfectly match the design of our basses, and are fabricated to our specifications using the highest quality, audio-grade SMT components.  The active electronics have very low noise, runs on a single 9V battery, and has 120 hours of battery life.

An upper bout arm on the player’s side provides a traditional upright bass body reference to the player.  The smaller extension on the opposite side allows the bass to be set on its side, eliminating the need for a stand.

Each bass features an adjustable maple bridge and an adjustable brass nut to dial in the perfect string height.  The compound radius fingerboard plays evenly across the strings and into the higher registers, and the position markers are extremely accurate.

The endpin is made from a carbon fiber tube, providing excellent stiffness with very low weight.  The tripod foot provides additional stability to keep the bass from rotating.  Our custom designed endpin clamping mechanism makes for quick adjustments of the endpin with the flip of a lever, and the all-metal construction means it will provide solid performance for years.

Other standard features include Kevlar tailcord, Schaller tuners, D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Strings, and a custom double padded gig bag made by our friends at Studio Slips.