Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?

We are located in Southern California, and offer free shipping to all states. We know how much you hate added shipping costs! We have partnered with several shipping companies to reduce our shipping costs so that we can offer free shipping!

We also ship internationally to many countries. Please use the shipping estimator on the cart page to see if we ship to your country. String Theory wants to be a global presence in the EUB market, so we offer discounted or free international shipping to most countries.

Customs duties and import taxes vary by country, and are the sole responsibility of the customer.  Please check with your country‚Äôs customs office before ordering if you are concerned about possible customs duties, import taxes, or other fees. 

Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

Do I need a preamp?

No you don’t! Unlike passive EUBs and upright bass pickups, our basses have all the high-impedance buffering that piezo pickups need built into the bass. You can plug the bass directly into a bass guitar amp, DI box, mixer, or recording console just as you would with an active bass guitar.

Our preamps also have pickup balance, bass, and treble controls. See the Design page for more details.